Learn 3D Design This Summer!

Whether you’re an experienced artist or engineer - or you dream of becoming one - the 2018 Inventing Reality summer program at Redwood Day School is your opportunity to take your skills and creativity to the next level.


-This summer from July 10 through August 4th



-Redwood Day's new innovation and design lab located on the ground floor of the H building of the middle school. Address: 3245 Sheffield Ave, Oakland, CA 94602


Inventing Reality consists of three consecutive, week-long half-day or full day sessions from July 10th through August 4th. Courses will be taught in Redwood Day School's new innovation design lab located on the bottom floor of the new H building in the middle school on 3245 Sheffield Ave, Oakland, CA 94602. Don't worry, we will guide you there from the front entrance off of Sheffield if it is your first day.

Each day consists of a morning and an afternoon class. Morning activities are geared toward students ages 9 through 15 and focus on using Tinkercad, an expressive yet easy to learn 3D design tool well suited for all both artists and engineers of any age. Every student interested in 3D design can benefit from Tinkercad's unique set of capabilities. Throughout these morning classes, students will learn the essentials of computer modeling and 3D printing as well as a wide array of advanced techniques,  tips and skills (more info below). 


Afternoon students will use the even more powerful OnShape, a mechanical engineering application which is used by professionals, though easy for students to pick up and quickly be productive using. Afternoon OnShape courses are designed for students ages 12 through 17 and will engage students in a project-based learning environment where they will design, print, test, and perfect a weekly project defined as a set of requirements that their design must satisfy. (The timing for each project is listed in the above graphic.) Students under the age of 12 may be admitted to afternoon classes with recommendations from a parent, guardian, or teacher. 


Students can attend morning classes, afternoon classes, or save by registering for both. Further discounts are available for those attending for 3 or more weeks. (check out our registration page for more)


No prerequisite skills are necessary for either morning or afternoon classes, yet the open-ended curriculum has been designed to challenge even the most experienced students and makers.


There is no extra parts fee for morning Tinkercad classes, or afternoon Onshape courses and of course, students can take all their 3D printed creations and projects home. Although you can take home your project every week, you will need to order a few extra parts to get your project running at home after weeks 3 and 4 (we will give you handy links to these)

Bring your Creativity to Live with Tinkercad and 3D Printing

Open to rising 4th through 9th graders. Get ready to master the ins and outs of this simple yet expressive 3D modeling software as you design, print, and test physical 3D objects in a project based, collaborative learning environment. Prepare to learn the essentials of 3D printing plus a wide arrange of professional tips and tricks used regularly by artists, engineers, product designers, and architects. Make your dreams a reality in a matter of minutes!

July 10 - August 4

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Take to the Skies with Your Custom Model Rocket!

​The first week of the Inventing Reality OnShape classes launch with a focus on designing model rockets. Learn OnShape as you design, print, launch, and perfect your very own custom, 3D printed model rocket, launch stand, and ignition box. Throughout the week, you can plan to learn the basics of OnShape as well as its more advanced features like variables and image rendering through assemblies. This year, we'll be using multi-staging and model rocket engine sizes up to D for extreme altitude tests.

July 10 - August 4

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Dominate the Playing Field with Fully Automatic Orbeez Blasters

For the third and final week of the 2018 Inventing Reality Summer Program, students will design, print, and build a fully automatic orbeez blaster with an external backpack air tank. These blasters boast a range of over 50 feet, incredible accuracy, a 12mm carbon fiber barrel, increased safety features, and an air tank and magazine capable of firing nearly 60 shots before having to reload or repressurize.

July 10 - August 4

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About the Inventing Reality Team

Inventing Reality courses are taught by the creators of the popular Banana Science YouTube series of DIY science videos. Ollie, Andy, and Mei Mei have 5 years of 3D modeling experience and a lifetime of DIY projects under their belts. Charlie and Henry each have two years of experience on FTC robotics teams and avidly race drones on their free time. Ollie has been teaching for 4 years, including the original 2014 Inventing Reality summer program at Head-Royce and the 2017 summer program at Redwood Day. He mentored the Piedmont Pioneers’ new FTC robotics team, has taught after-school project design classes, and led the crazy fun quadcopter assembly, configuration, and flight activity for Redwood Day middle schoolers. Andrew introduced 3D printing at Willard Middle School and is now designing and programming robots on Berkeley High's 2017 world champions FRC robotics team. His teaching experience includes CAD and software engineering lessons at Berkeley High School, the 2017 summer program, and multiple presentations at Berkeley schools including Willard Middle School and John Muir Elementary School.

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