Ninebot ES Custom Firmware (CFW) allows you to fine-tune your scooter's settings, unlock speeds of up to 20mph, and increase the total motor power (wattage). If you've ever replaced your dashboard on a Ninebot ES scooter, you will need to use an ST Link to flash (program) Original Firmware (OFW) before you can flash CFW via a variety of apps such as Ninebot Flasher. This For DIY enthusiasts, this is explained in detail in our Ninebot CFW Tutorial. If you want to save some time or just aren't particularly technically inclined, this service will fix the following issues:


1) "unlock" an ex-rental dashboard that doesn't light up when turned on

2) allow you to flash CFW onto clone/replacement dashboards purchased online


To do this, we will remove C15 (BLE reset capacitor) on your dashboard and flash OFW with an ST Link. This will then allow you to flash CFW at home over bluetooth. If needed, please select any number of the additional services we offer. The additional price for each service is listed in (). If you just need us to flash OFW to your dashboard, don't select any additional service options.


Waterproofing (+$5)

The dashboard is located at the top of your handle bars, making it one of the first electrical components to be exposed to moisture if left out in the rain. Some dashboards are already semi-waterproof with a thin layer of conformal coating (basically nail polish for circut boards), it's often applied very conservatively and still allows water damage. More often than not though, they aren't conformally coated at all, putting them at a substancial risk of water damage. With this additional service, we'll apply a nice, thick layer of conformal coating to your dashboard to improve its water resistance. Conformally coated dashboards will appear shiny and look to be coated with a clear enamel. 


Pre-flashed Dashboard (+$35)

For those looking for an easy fix, this brand new dashboard already flashed with OFW will get you running in no time. Ignore the shipping instructions for this option as there isn't anything to ship to us. Don't forget to select any additional services you would like us to apply to your new dashboard.

Ninebot ES Dashboard Flashing Service

  • 1) Purchase this item on our store

    2) If needed, leave a note with your purchase describing your prefered CFW settings. Anything you don't mention we will leave at default. If you don't leave a note, we will set the top speed to 20mph, set the MPC to 48k, and make it so the scooter remains on while locked. 

    3) Remove and ship dashboard to 146 Vicente Road, Berkeley, CA 94705

    4) We will flash your dashboard and ship it back to the entered return address within 5 buisness days of receiving it.

    **return shipping costs are included unless otherwise stated

    For more information regarding our shipping policy, please see our terms and conditions.