As described in our Ninebot ES/SNSC Speed Controller Flashing Tutorial, many recent rental scooters are now using proprietary firmware on their Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) as an additional anti-hacking measure causing the following issues:


1) After the dashboard is replaced, lights blink and/or the scooter applies brakes

2) Dashboard displays error 10

3) Dashboard displays error 35


This service flashes (programs) Original Firmware (OFW) onto your ESC "unlocking" it and restoring normal function. This flashing service also changes your scooter's serial number unlocking all 3 power modes. If needed, please select any number of the additional services we offer to get your speed controller back to original functionality. The additional price for each service is listed in (). If you just need us to flash your speed controller, don't select any additional service options.


Please read the "Terms" section to the right and every option below before placing your order


Please carefully inspect speed controllers for any visible damage before sending them in. This is a flashing service, not a repair service. 


Cable Replacement (+$10)

Some scooters (ie: Lyft, Spin, VOI) use a green 5 pin mini Julet connector instead of the standard blue 4-pin used by all dashboards. This service replaces both the dashboard and the speed controller cables with a JST connector. You must also send in your dashboard if you select this option. You must select this option if your speed controller doesn't have the blue 4-pin connector or if it doesn't have a dashboard cable at all. 


Fuse Bridge (+$2)

If you turn on your headlight and your dashboard dims, speed decreases or your throttle stops working altogether, this is the fix for you! These issues are caused by a self-resetting fuse which regulates power to your dashboard and tends to wear out over time. Even if you don't have these issues, it's a good preventative measure to take so they don't develop in the future.


Waterproofing (+$5)

We come across a lot of broken speed controllers where water has corroded the surface-mounted components located at the bottom of the PCB. While many ex-rental speed controllers are already semi-waterproof with a thin layer of conformal coating (basically nail polish for circuit boards), it's often applied very conservatively and still allows water damage. With this additional service, we'll apply a nice, thick layer of conformal coating to your speed controller to improve its water resistance. 

Ninebot ES Speed Controller (ESC) Flashing Service

  • 1) Purchase this item on our store

    2) Remove ESC from steering shaft tube

    3) Remove ESC PCB (Printed Circut Board) from aluminum housing to reduce shipping weight. If you don't remove the aluminum housing, you will be charged an additional $10 per speed controller for extended labor and return shipping costs.

    4) Ship ESC PCB to 146 Vicente Road, Berkeley, CA 94705

    3) We will flash your ESC and ship it back to the entered return address within 5 business days of receiving it.

    **Return shipping costs are included unless otherwise stated

    For more information regarding our shipping policy, please see our terms and conditions.