This mount repurposes an internal Ninebot ES battery to use as an external range extension. Additionally, the simple yet functional design of the modular sliding mechanism allows you to swap in a new battery in under 30 seconds! Say goodbye to range anxiety as you can always carry another battery with you. Unlike the official external batteries which cost anywhere between $60-120, internal Ninebot ES batteries can be purchased online for around $20-30 each and have the same capacity as official external batteries. This modular battery system boasts the following advantages over traditional external batteries:
1) Replacement internal batteries are substantially cheaper than official external batteries (save ~$30 per battery)
2) Swap batteries in under 30 seconds
3) Carry additional batteries with you for unlimited range
How does it work?
While official external batteries can easily be wired into the external battery port located on your handle bar shaft, they actually communicate with your speed controller and identify as an external battery. If you try to do the same thing with an internal battery, it will read an external batter error. To bypass this issue, you can simply wire an additional external batteries in parallel to the main internal battery. This way, the scooter is tricked into thinking that it only has one battery when in fact there are two or more. Its important to note, however, that this is only possible in this case as the additional internal battery we will wire in parallel has an integrated Battery Management Circuit (BMS) which provides over charge, over discharge, over current, and temperature protection.
This parallel wiring is a lot easier said than done. To get power and charge wires out of your steering shaft you essentially need to dismantle the entire thing and drill a hole. 
For detailed installation instructions and more information, please visit our Thingiverse post and watch our installation video


Modular External Battery Kit: Everything you need to mount your first external battery.

-2pcs modular battery mount

-2pcs clamp (attach to the front of the mounts)

-2pcs battery sleeve

-Assorted M3 & M4 hardware and TPU safety fingers


Extra Battery Sleeves: Additional battery sleeves for more modular batteries

-2pcs battery sleeve

-M4 mounting hardware

Ninebot ES1/2/3/4 Modular External Battery Mount

    • 2 Battery sleeves These slide around your battery and secure in place with an M4x8 bolt. Use two per battery: one at the upper and lower most bolt holes respectively.
    • 2 Mounts The mount holds the female slot and secures to your steering shaft with the clamp. The male slider easily slots and snaps into the mount with a simple bubble joint.
    • 2 Clamps The clamp bolts onto the other side of the steering shaft and holds the mount in place.
    • All necessary metric hardware (pre-installed)