Introducing the attachment that will save you HOURS of cleanup. The Central Machinery 4"x36" belt and disk sander is almost unusable because of the amount of sawdust it kicks off. To solve this problem, we designed a small attachment that allows you to connect a ShopVac or other wet/dry vacuum up to your belt sander. Select your standard ID and OD fitting before checkout to customize the attachment for your vacuum. Now, all of the sawdust just gets sucked up the the ShopVac like a mini sawdust collection system. The larger hole attaches to the sawdust collector on the belt sander, while the bent part at the top of the attachment connects to a 5/8"-3/4" ID flexible tube which then connects to the bottom guard on the disk sander, allowing you to collect all of the sawdust. 


If you already own a 3D printer, download the free .STL files from our Thingiverse post



-You will also need to purchase some 5/8"-3/4" ID tubing to connect one end of the attachment to the disk sander if you want to collect disk sanding dust.


-The version you will receive is an updated version (v1.3) It has two small ventilation holes on the side which are necessary to slightly reduce suction so your vacuum doesn't cause the belt to rub.

Vac Attachment Sawdust Collector for Central Machinery Belt & Disk Sander